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Andreanna Rainville, RN, LMP, is a well-respected lecturer, instructor, and practitioner focusing on issues of chronic illness and infection, detoxification, fertility, mold and biotoxin syndromes, Autism, PANDAS ( Having the great honor to work with Dr Cynthia Keller leading PANDAS/PANS specialist since  2014) and many other pediatric specialties, pain management, nutrition, Low Dose Antigen and Immunotherapy and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Since 1998 she has worked closely with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, for 8 as his nurse in his clinical practice in Seattle, and from 1999-to date as an accredited teacher of his “5 Levels of Healing” programs. Her teaching has taken her all over the U.S. & Europe and includes both fundamental and advanced coursework in Autonomic Response Testing (ART), and Neural Therapy. As a practicing nurse and certified herbalist, she brings over 20 years of experience to a wide range of patient care issues with interventions including ART, Family Constellation work, Applied Psycho-Kinesiology (APN), German Functional Medicine, Lyme & chronic infection protocols, Ozone & Neural Therapy, genetics and methylation evaluation and support, nutraceutical medicine, diet therapy, and is currently finishing her MAPS (Medical Academy for Pediatrics with Special Needs) fellowship.

In her work with both patients and doctors, Andreanna understands the complexities of managing disease and advocates for a more livable approach to patient care above all. Her philosophy prioritizes tolerable therapies, better symptom management, easier compliance, psychological support, and improved education, leading to informed choices for patients and their families about the many healing options available to them.

Andreanna pursues continuing education with other distinguished doctors in the field to stay on the leading edge of research into factors like genetics, infection, and environmental exposures that are understood to play an underlying role in many kinds of chronic illness and immune deficiency. As a caregiver or a support to other practitioners on a team, she is devoted to all avenues of knowledge that can improve outcomes for her patients. She also spends time on her own research and product development.  She is a co-founder of Food Pharmacy, an online program for health care practitioners to tailor nutritional medicine to a variety of conditions. As well, she served as the medical director for Sprouts organic baby food delivery, leading its grass-roots education outreach to parents and pediatricians in the local Seattle market.

Andreanna was raised on Kauai, Hawaii, and maintains a deep connection to the concept of

Huna and balanced living. She is the proud mother of  8 year old daughter Anjollie a source of never ending learning and love.



I do not hesitate to recommend Andreanna, whether you are a patient seeking informed choices of health care options, a health care practitioner wanting to hone your abilities using my philosophies and techniques, or an organization wishing to coordinate classes around my work. She is a trusted associate who brings a comprehensive knowledge of this medicine to many situations, and I believe she is a talented healer in her own right.”
— Dietrich Klinghardt MD

I have come to know many educators and health specialists in my years, and I can share that Andreanna’s gifts in teaching, clearly explaining concepts and reasoning, her insights, dedication and great disposition are top notch.
— Claire Riendeau ND, NMD, DiHom

1 was immediately impressed by her ability to understand and teach many aspects of Biological Medicine from her diverse clinical experience”
— Rachel, Portugal

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