Private Tutoring and
Personal Training for Practitioners

I am happy to share my experience and expertise to help your practice run more effectively. 

I find learning and knowing often emerge organically with practice. I am honored to come into your space, work with your staff, colleagues, and patients to make sure you feel comfortable with all the tools at our disposal. My goal is you are ready to start your next patient day!

1.       Autonomic Response testing (ART)

2.       Injection techniques for               

a.       Neural therapy: functional German pain management

b.       Perineural therapy, for chronic neuropathic pain

c.       Joint rehabilitation, PRP, Prolozone, Stem cells

d.       Stem Cell and PRP therapies for pain and beauty

e.       Bio-puncture

3.       Psycho-Kinesiology and Family Constellation, using ART to hone in on core focus that is ready to be disentangled from you and your family systems.

4.       Color therapy

5.       Low Dose immune and Antigen desensitization

a.       Paper work support materials, why re-invent the wheel

b.       Choosing your path with antigens/ infections

c.       Hands on demonstrations of autologous remedies

6.       Thermometry, state of the art screening system

7.       Protocols shared and explained

a.       Detox

b.       Genetics

c.       Glyphosphate

d.       Autism/ PANDAS/PANS

e.       Athletic improvement and anti-aging

f.        Many more


Financial aspects: I charge 1500 a day (please not longer than 8 hours) plus travel expenses. Non-refundable 500-dollar deposit is needed when dates are determined.

Please email me for more information