Family Constellation + Psycho-Kinesiology

Relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of your life in terms of providing you with warmth and contentment and peace of mind. Your relationships in business, in your personal life and in your family, affect all aspects of your life, including the way you relate to problems. The purpose of Family Constellations/PK is to uncover the hidden dynamics of your family or relationship in an experiential way, so that existing energy can be observed and changed where necessary and undue stress released or reduced in the system. This is a gentle and sensitive method of allowing family or relationship energy to reveal itself through representatives, so that a resolution can unfold.

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Color Therapy

Color Therapy is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. Color is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each color has its own particular wavelength and energy.

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I love homeopathy for my child, kids in my practice, as well as for sensitive patients whom only tolerate eloquent interventions, taken in gentle systematic steps. Homeopathy provides a fantastic tool for all of those types.

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In-Person and Distance Sessions are $240 an hour, unless otherwise noted.