What is Family Constellation + Psycho-Kinesiology


Family Constellation/PK offers a safe and supportive environment and tools to help cultivate lasting healing in our closest relationships. This involves allowing each member of the system to find their rightful place in the group which involves a healthy and respectful connection to each other, hence allowing the natural flow of love in the system. By cleaning up disrupting patterns within your system (aka family) you actively change the patterns your offspring embody. This process works on many levels, for deep healing.

The Family Constellation/ PK process works on many levels simultaneously. According to Hellinger the energy that we are dealing with here primarily is Soul energy. Intellectually- your hypothesis of your issue may be different to what the constellation shows.

  • Physically- in seeing the situation in real terms through the representatives.

  • Emotionally- through the feelings of the representatives and yourself.

  • Soul- the natural inclinations and movements of the soul.

  • Visual in seeing the spatial arrangements and movements.

  • Unconscious patterns being seen and felt.

  • Bodily sensations and shifts.

  • Personal spirit and family or ancestral soul movements.

Family Constellations / PK is a phenomenological approach for the twenty-first century.

Existential therapy refers to a phenomenological approach as a way of working that requires the therapist to put aside assumptions, theories or agenda in the interests of allowing the client to explore their reality and allow the situation to show itself. This may provide useful information from which a person may make sense of their situation. Likewise, in Family Constellations a therapist or facilitator is required to take a phenomenological approach of putting aside an agenda, previous knowledge or assumptions in order to follow the field set up in the constellation with representatives so as to allow it to unfold and reveal what is necessary for the client and their presenting issue.