Thermography is non-invasive method to evaluate Whole-Body Physiology ... in minutes. 
It is a functional test based in thermoregulation which assesses regulation capacity of all organs, glands and lymph. Over 40 signature patterns of diseases processes are rated and prioritized. Integrative analyses of: 

Breast Health (12 criteria)
Prostate Health (9 criteria)
Dental Health

Finds dys-regulation patterns often years before illness appear. 



The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the part of the nervous system that we cannot control with our mind. The ANS regulates breathing, heart rate, digestion, immune function, sleep patterns, hormone regulation, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, tissue regeneration, and liver and kidney detoxification. This amazing biofeedback system helps to show how a persons ANS is responding or paralyzed by what are know as the 7 Factors , Food intolerance, EMF/ Geopathic Stress , structural stressors, Toxins, Emotional traumata, Dysfunctional scars and ganglia, and nutritional deficiencies. I have had the privilege of working with both Dr Klinghardt and Dr Williams closely and teaching this amazing technique for the past 20 years.

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Lab Interpretation

The problem with relying on these broad ranges is that they are not as clinically relevant or useful as looking at optimal ranges. Optimal ranges are much narrower and are really goal markers for improved health and lower risk.

Most conventionally trained doctors don’t base their interpretation of your lab results on optimal ranges, but on diagnostic ranges because this is how they were taught to interpret these reports in medical school. This means that they are still relying on diagnostic ranges that are so broad they tend to flag problems in more moderate to advanced stages as opposed to at the earlier stages when making small changes to nutrition and lifestyle can be highly effective.

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Patient Empowerment

Symptom Surveys + Self Tests

It is very important to me that my patients have access to health surveys and self-care treatments at home. In the vast resource library I have compiled on this website, you will find an array of natural and practical health education, screening surveys and treatment methods you can do at home. Please use any surveys you think may be part of your health journey! 

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